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takeVIP CleaningPad white

The specifically developed High-Density Microfibre

+   high Retention of Concrements like Cement,

     Tartar and others

+   excellent cleaning Effect

+   high absorbing Capacity

+   much better Protection against Injuries than for

     Example Cotton Pads


Ideal for Cleaning and safe temporary Storage of endodontic Needles

Universally applicable for Curette, Scaler, Probe, Scissors, Scalpel, Tweezer, double-end Spatula, round Bur, and others.

More economical than woven Gauze Swab and cleaning Tissues

on the finger                                        on the Instrument







on the Hand                                         on the Rubber Dam


takeVIP   -   Patent pending   -   engineered in Switzerland   -   from now on also your essential cleaning Aid          

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